Fourths build rocket cars! Back to archive
13th November 2017

Earlier this term all of our Fourths took part in our launch day for the Bloodhound SSC Race for the Line competition, which encourages young people aged 11 to 16 to work together to make a foam rocket car powered by a small solid fuel rocket motor and pit it against rival teams

Designing the car
Above: Designing the car

The day started with a talk by Benenden Senior, Ada Lo of Rolls Royce, on the two engines being used in Bloodhound, a supersonic car designed to go quicker than the sound of speed, to try to propel it to 1,000mph!

Making the car
Above: Making the car

This was followed by a session on the ideas of aerodynamics and a description of the rules of the day. The girls then worked until morning break in pairs to come up with a design for their car. On returning from break the rules were altered and they had to combine their designs in teams of four.  After lunch the teams rotated through three sessions, building their car, coding a stopwatch and a careers talk from Ms Lo.

Racing the car
Above: Racing the car!

Between times the girls had a chance to develop a poster showing why they had designed their car that way. During Period 6 they launched each of the cars with a model rocket motor, reaching speeds of 46.5mph, which was achieved by three teams.

The girls all worked really well in teams and coped well with the change in rules to produce a variety of different designs in the cars.

Above: Some astonished faces as the car is raced!