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28th September 2017

Last week Sixth Form girls were lucky enough to be able to hear a lecture from Tim Marshall, a respected journalist whose 30-year career included roles as Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Correspondent at Sky News.

Mr Marshall has covered significant events around the world, including most recently those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and his lecture - entitled Prisoners of Geography - explored the history of international relations. 

Above: After the lecture Mr Marshall signed copies of his book.

Below Eliza White, a Six Two, gives us her impression of the evening:

"Tim Marshall gave an incredibly insightful talk, commenting on the importance of geography in world events – as he mentioned, it is a factor often overlooked, albeit an incredibly important one. His comments on the Russian annexation of Crimea were particularly perceptive, illustrating how the motive behind this was driven by their lack of a warm water port. Equally interesting was the way in which the DRC, one of the most under-reported conflicts in the world, is fundamentally a ‘prisoner of its own geography’ due to its borders.

It was fascinating to be able to consider the links between natural geographical landforms and how they affected the development of a country or in some cases even a continent, such as how Africa is restricted by its unfortunate river network.

It was a captivating talk and has certainly made us consider the significance of geography in foreign affairs."