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18th September 2017

The annual House Dram challenge took place at the start of term and proved a great exercise in helping the Houses to bond and the new girls to get to know each other. As ever the standard of the performances was very high.

House Dram launches at 2.00pm on the first Friday of the year and the producers, all drawn from the new Six Ones, have 48 hours to plan, audition and rehearse every member of their House into creating a 10-minute performance.

These are then performed in front of a panel of judges on Sunday afternoon. 

There were many difficult decisions but eventually the judges decided on the following:  

  • Technical organisation: Marshall
  • Design: Hemsted
  • Programme: Norris
  • Dance: Echyngham
  • Script: Norris
  • Overall Winner: Echyngham

Congratulations to everyone who took part and put on such fantastic shows.