Benenden School Edition of Monopoly is Launched Back to archive
12th July 2016

A unique Benenden School edition of Monopoly has been produced and gone on sale thanks to the efforts of two students.

The School has partnered with Monopoly manufacturer Winning Moves to produce an official special edition of the much-loved family board game.

Gone are the traditional streets such as the Strand, Whitechapel and Mayfair; instead players can buy iconic locations around Benenden School, including the Science Centre, Cloisters or the new All-Weather Pitch.

The traditional Stations have been replaced by the transport we are familiar with at Benenden, including scooters and the School bus. Instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, you pick up Pink Slips or Blue Slips – part of the School’s reward and sanctions system – and suffer the consequences, whether it’s a present in Prayers for your birthday or a detention for a misdemeanour!

The exciting edition is all thanks to two Sixth Form students at Benenden: Isabella Cassidy and Tele Mobereola (pictured below). The girls came up with the idea as a wonderful way of marking their time at Benenden before they left after their A Levels.

Tele Mobereola and Isabella Cassidy with the Benenden School version of Monopoly

The girls met with Winning Moves, they wrote all the cards and designed the board. Trickiest of all their tasks was trying to decide which order to put the six Lower School Houses in – to avoid too much controversy in the end they decided to order them alphabetically!

Isabella said: “It’s been fun, particularly to design all the Chance cards and add elements of Benenden to the board. I think it’ll be nice for Seniors (former students) to see how the School has changed and how in many ways it’s stayed the same.”

Tele said: “At the end of term we always have a Monopoly event in our House so we thought it would be nice to have a Benenden Monopoly. Everyone here is really excited, especially to see which properties are most expensive!

“It’s nice to have something concrete about Benenden that people can keep forever.”

The Benenden edition is now on sale to staff, students, parents, former students and families. Proceeds will be split between two great causes: the future development of the School as well as the National Kidney Federation.

Headmistress Samantha Price said: “This Benenden School edition of Monopoly is a charming keepsake and a treasured gift for anyone associated with Benenden.

“We are very proud of Isabella and Tele who have shown real initiative and determination to bring this idea from conception to reality. We pride ourselves on preparing the girls for life in the workplace and these students have perfectly embodied all that this ambition entails.

“On a personal note I’m also grateful to Isabelle and Tele for all their hard work because it meant I wasn’t the one who had to decide which location went on the Old Kent Road spot!”

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