A New Music School

In addition to the new School Hall, the Music School will feature a smaller Recital Hall, with capacity for an audience of around 150 people, which will offer girls a performance space in a more intimate environment, perfect for rehearsals and smaller performances such as Lunchtime Concerts. This will also be the ideal environment in which girls can develop their confidence and skills in performing.

The Music School will have more than 20 practice rooms and classrooms, as well as a smaller performance room, IT suite and recording and performance booths. These facilities will offer girls plenty of opportunity for practice and to explore new musical passions.

The Music School will be linked to the School Hall by a bridge through a stunning atrium which will flow into the new courtyard outside, creating a tranquil and beautiful space in which girls will relax and gather with friends.

“The excitement of hearing your music ring out is the whole point of performing. Remember the spine-tingling sound of the lone little voice opening the Christmas carol service at a cathedral? The joy of a gospel choir in full voice? The overwhelming wall of sound from a whole symphony orchestra? A new hall can give our girls the reward of that excitement.”

Paul Flintoff
Benenden Parent and Trustee

Artist Impressions of the new School Hall and Music School