Houses - a home from home

At Benenden we believe that boarding should complement, not replace, family life. A girl’s boarding House becomes her home from home and the centre of her personal life. It is where she comes ‘home’ to after the school day and it is where she feels happy, safe and well cared for.

Within this supportive and relaxed environment, she is able to develop at her own pace and to make friends for life. She will participate in a wide range of House-based activities, take on House roles and responsibilities and join in an exciting programme of Inter-House competitions, sporting and otherwise.

There are six Houses in the Lower School (for girls aged 11 to 16), all of which are bursting with individual features and their own charming traditions.

The Sixth Form have their own accommodation, called Founders.

Settling In

From the start, the girls are members of the friendly dormitories which are characteristic of Benenden, and they quickly learn to support one another. Students themselves play a vital role in running their Houses, and have every opportunity to develop skills of leadership and a sense of responsibility and sympathy to the needs of others.

Each new girl is welcomed by her Housemother (an older girl in the House) who shows her where everything is and helps her to settle in. New girls also meet their 'Big Sister' a member of the Sixth Form, who contacts her before arrival and also helps to welcome her, and keeps in touch to ensure she is settling in well. Big Sisters also invite their Little Sisters over for cakes and treats in the Sixth Form Centre.

Support In House

Students are well supported in House. Each House is run by a team dedicated to the Pastoral care of each student. A special induction programme is in place for the needs of the girls who join at eleven. The Housemistress or Housemaster is a member of the teaching staff and lives in House, close to the students. He or she is supported by the Deputy and a resident Matron. There are also teams of Day and Evening matrons to look after the girls in House. Each girl also has a personal Academic Tutor, with whom she meets at least weekly to discuss her academic progress, check she is doing her prep on time, and to ensure that she has the right balance of work and extra-curricular activities.

Students also benefit from the link with the Sixth Form, who, though living in Founders, the Sixth Form Centre, remain members of their original Houses, holding senior House posts and taking an active interest in House affairs.

Benenden is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students. Each House has a resident Housemistress or Housemaster who is also a member of the teaching staff: he or she is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of each student in the House and directs her curricular programme. The House team also includes a Deputy Housemistress or Housemaster, and a team of resident, day and evening Matrons.