Entrance Exams

11+ Candidates

11+ candidates in possession of a conditional offer following Preview Weekend, will be asked to sit 11+ Entrance papers in the January prior to entry.

Candidates who attend Prep Schools which follow the 11+ Common Entrance syllabus will sit these exams in their own school. These exams take place on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 January 2019. Candidates must be registered for these papers by their Prep school by 1 December 2017. Examples of past ISEB 11+ Common Entrance papers (English, Maths and Science) can be found at on the Independent Schools Examinations Board website

Candidates at other schools will be asked to sit Benenden’s own Entrance or Scholarship exams. For 2019 entry the 11+ Entrance exams take place on Wednesday 23 January 2019. These can be taken either at Benenden or in their own school, if permitted. Examples of Benenden’s own Entrance papers (English and Maths) can be found below.

Examples of recent 11+ Entrance papers



Examples of recent 11+ Academic Scholarship papers



13+ Candidates

For 2019 entry the 13+ Academic Scholarship candidates will be tested in four papers - English, Maths, Science and a combined Humanities and Languages paper from which two subjects will be picked - History, Geography, Latin, French writing and/or Spanish writing.

Examples of recent 13+ Entrance papers




Examples of recent 13+ Academic Scholarships

14+ Candidates

Examples of recent 14+ Entrance papers

Sixth Form

Examples of recent Sixth Form Entrance papers