All girls participate in structured Physical Education throughout their time at Benenden, as part of the curriculum.

In the lower years, the programme is compulsory and covers a wide range of sports and activities including Lacrosse, Netball, Hockey, Dance, Swimming, Squash, Movement Dynamics, Health and Wellbeing, Transferable Skills and Sports Leadership, Rounders, Athletics and Tennis.

From Lower Fifth upwards, there are still mandatory sports and activities, but also options such as Badminton, Squash, Indoor Cycling, Trampolining, Pilates and Tchoukball, which are introduced into the curriculum to give the girls some element of choice and new experiences.

By the Upper School, although participation remains compulsory, each girl has the chance to choose her sports sessions entirely (although those in squads will be required to attend training in these timeslots). Options are varied and include all of the above with the addition of other activities including Sports Leader, Yoga, TRX, Aqua Aerobics, Functional Core Training, Fitness Training, Zumba and Golf.

Sixth Formers may also opt to choose Open Hours slots where they can swim and attend the Fitness Gym at any point of the week when the timetables allow.

Full Details on Sport at Benenden

We have an extensive Sport at Benenden section - visit it for full details of everything our Sports Department offers.

Head of Department

Alison Goulet
Alison joined the school in 2016 after many years at Roedean School in Brighton. She has a keen interest in horse-riding, netball and tennis. 



Teaching Staff

  • Miss L K Hall, MSc (Bristol), BSc (Loughborough), Cert Ed
  • Mrs A Goulet, BEd, IM Marsh College of PE (Liverpool)
  • Mr R de Wet, BSc (Portsmouth) REPS (Level 3), NPLQ (Lifeguard)
  • Miss E Ellston, BA (Leeds) (Graduate Lacrosse Assistant)
  • Mrs J E Fahy, NPLQ, ASA Level 1 (Swimming and facilities co-ordinator)
  • Miss C Faram, BA (Loughborough)
  • Miss C Gaunt, BSc (Birmingham), MA (Loughborough), QTS
  • Mrs K Jones, BA (Brighton), PGCE (Brighton)
  • Miss L Lynch, BSc (Loughborough),
  • Mr J B Mitchell, BA (Bedford), LTA, USPTR
  • Mrs H Vesma, BSc (Birmingham), REPS (Level 3) (Exercise and Fitness Co-ordinator)
  • Mr D Weighton, DipPhysEd (Strathclyde), USPTR, ERTP
  • *Mr N Benton, BSc (Canterbury), DTLLS (Canterbury)
  • *Mrs S Bridgeman, Diploma (South Kent College)
  • *Mr P Chmielewski, LTA Level 4
  • *Mrs S Cramp, (PE Administrator)
  • *Mr N Davis, USPTR, USTA qualified (Tennis Coach)
  • *Mr A D R Fricker, BSc, BG Level 5 (Trampolining)
  • *Mrs M Fricker, BSc (Kent), BG Level 4 (Trampoline), Level 2 (Gym Instructor)
  • *Ms A Friday, Cert. Higher Ed (Canterbury)
  • *Mr D Greenwood, NPLQ Level 2
  • *Mrs G Manktelow
  • *Mr G Marshall England Squash Level 3 (Squash Coach)
  • *Mrs V Mitchell, BEd (Bedford), LTA qualified
  • *Mr M Morris, ASA (1), NPLQ (Lifeguard)
  • *Mrs J Ovenden
  • *Mr D Slade (Tennis Coach)
  • *Mrs K M Steel, BEd (Bedford)
  • *Ms K Watkins

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