During Year 7 and Year 8 the Mathematics Department aims to develop pupils’ fluency, their ability to reason mathematically and to solve problems. Initially we consolidate and then extend the skills learnt in Key Stage 2. This will include work on fractions, decimals, powers and roots. Their facility with algebra is developed with increasingly complex ideas introduced; for example, setting up and solving equations, rearranging formulae.

Students are grouped by ability after a short period of mixed-ability teaching. Although almost all students work towards the same final linear examinations at the end of Year 11, the pace in the lower sets is a little more gentle, while those in the top sets will be offered opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge beyond the IGCSE syllabus.

Mathematics is always very popular at A Level with many students going on to study related subjects at University.

Head of Department

Gillian Poole

Gillian has been teaching Maths since 1995 and has led the Maths Department at Benenden since 2012.




Teaching Staff

  • Mrs G Poole, BSc (Newcastle), PGCE
  • Mr A Fairey, BSc (Hull), PGCE (Worcester)
  • Mr M Gossage, BSc (Liverpool), PGCE (Liverpool), MA (CCCU)
  • Ms S Gough, BA (Rhodes, SA), HDE (Cape Town), GRSM, LRSM, ARCM, FTCL, MMus
  • Mr B Imms, BEng (Greenwich), IEng MIET MInstRE
  • Ms S Leeds, BSc (Kent), QTS
  • Mr S Miller, BSc (Essex), PGCE (Brunel)
  • *Mrs J Mills, BSc (Reading), PGCE (Sussex)
  • *Mrs G M Thomson, BA (Open), PGCE

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