What Our Supporters Say

See what some of our valuable donors say about the School and our development projects:

On the All Weather Pitch and Pavilion

“I understand from my own personal and professional experiences the importance of sport in developing a person, whether on a pitch, a track, a court or in a boat. Discipline, commitment, teamwork, leadership, the drive to perform  in a competitive environment and the need, at times, to pick yourself  up from disappointments - these are skills which are vital in so many aspects of life and are key elements of the Complete Education Benenden so consummately provides.

The development of the all-weather pitch will, I believe, transform the sporting experience at Benenden and will provide the girls with greater opportunities to develop these important life skills.”

Adrian Cassidy, Benenden Parent and Trustee and former GB rower and Irish rowing team coach.

On the new staff housing

“Buildings and a secure physical environment are important in delivering Benenden’s Complete Education but the bedrock of the school is the staff. It is they who teach, support, challenge, and set the standards that girls live by within the whole boarding community. Ironically, Benenden’s beautiful rural setting can be a challenge when recruiting!

There is not much affordable rental accommodation within easy commute and Benenden life, both academic and pastoral, means staff spend a long time on site.

I know from my girls that the after school activities and extra clinics run in preparation for major exams  meant their teachers gave a time commitment way beyond that found in most schools. I hope that by contributing to the Perfect Pitch accommodation fund Benenden will continue to be a school that secures inspiring teachers.”

Lucy Bull, Former Benenden Parent and Trustee.

On the development of a new School Hall

“The excitement of hearing your music ring out is the whole point of performing. Remember the spine-tingling sound of the lone little voice opening the Christmas carol service at a cathedral? The joy of a gospel choir in full voice? The overwhelming wall of sound from a whole symphony orchestra? A new hall can give our girls the reward of that excitement.”

Paul Flintoff, Benenden Parent and Trustee.

On the Trust Award Programme

“Benenden values, and has greatly benefited from, the talent, diversity, drive and determination of its Trust Award recipients. This, together with the opportunities these students have embraced whilst at the School, is a compelling reason for my support of the Trust Award Programme.

Benenden’s Complete Education develops resourceful, resilient and responsible young women in an inspiring, encouraging and aspirational environment. A key objective within the Benenden Centenary Vision is to increase the number of fully funded bursary places to local students to enable them to benefit from this first-rate education.

This worthwhile programme does indeed change lives and I encourage you to pledge your support to ensure that deserving students, who would otherwise be unable to contemplate a Benenden education, have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this exceptional experience.

The Development team at Benenden looks forward to discussing with you the different ways in which you can pledge your support to this vitally important initiative”

Julian Metherell, Benenden Parent and Chairman of the Benenden School Trust.

On the Benenden Angels

“Benenden Angels are contributing to new buildings as well as securing the future of the Trust Award programme and helping to increase Benenden’s overall endowment - its savings account for future  projects.

The School continues to prosper and grow thanks to the generosity of its Seniors expressed in so many ways. Please consider becoming an Angel.”

Claire (Southgate) Sohn, Senior - Echyngham ‘76.

To find out more about the Benenden Angels visit the A Gift In Your Will page