Trust Award Bursary Programme

One of the principal objectives of the Benenden School Trust is to raise funds in support of full bursaries to enable talented girls from local schools to benefit from a Benenden education, where financial considerations would otherwise have not made this possible.

Our Centenary Vision is focused on increasing the level of support for the Trust Award Programme and it is difficult to imagine a more worthwhile objective for the Trust’s endeavours. It is no exaggeration to say that these bursaries have transformed the lives of the girls who have received them.

Our Trust Award recipients have, without exception, taken every opportunity to develop themselves and their talents and have grown in confidence whilst at Benenden as a result of the caring and supportive environment, where girls are encouraged to achieve their potential and aim high.

What those who have benefitted from the Bursary Programme say:

Bethany Brame, the first recipient of a Sixth Form Trust Award, who was awarded the Sacha and Susannah Stephen Award for overcoming adversity and progressed to university to study Law, summed up her experience as follows:

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I was given to develop my own potential to the full and now I apply the skills I acquired at Benenden to my rewarding life at university. I recently returned to take part in a legal seminar supper and immediately felt back at home. Benenden will always have a special place in my affections: it has helped make me the person I am and enabled me to reach for the stars.”

Amber Donovan-Stevens was a recipient of a Trust Award at 11+ entry and went on to contribute much to the life of the School, notably as Poet Laureate and Head of School.

“I cannot begin to explain everything that Benenden has done for me in my seven years here. I have had opportunities provided that I had never imagined. Yet most importantly, the support I have received has helped me to evolve into a confident person, giving me the ambition to use everything I’ve learnt here when I enter university and the work place.”

The Trust Award Programme has the capacity to change lives so please consider supporting this important initiative. For more information or to make a donation, please contact please email Kyle Johnson, Development Director or Katie Webb, Development Assistant.