Speakers in 2015-16

In 2015-16 visiting speakers included:

May 2016: Matthew Parris - Political journalist and commentator
Mr Parris, a former Conservative MP turned political columnist for the Times, is one of the UK’s foremost political commentators. He joined Sixth Formers for dinner before offering students, staff and parents his thoughts on the potential repercussions of the EU Referendum.

April 2016: Dr Guy Sutton - Consultant Neuroscientist and Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School
As part of Benenden Brain Day Mr Sutton talked to the girls about all aspects of the brain. In the evening he stayed on to give a lecture on Mind and Brain in the 21st Century.

February 2016: Professor AC Grayling
Philosopher and author Professor Anthony Grayling joined us to give a captivating, amusing and thought provoking lecture covering the subject of what is philosophy and a brief history of it.

February 2016: Lord Robery Winston - Genetics Professor
Internationally-renowned genetics professor and well-known TV scientist Lord Robert Winston visited the School to talk to students, staff and guests. His talk - entitled Modifying Humans: Where Does Genetics Stop? – explored the history of genes and considered the possible implications of scientific advancements.

October 2015: Jack Clark - Leadership Development, Teaching Leaders
Jack Clark qualified as a teacher before working for UK charity, Teaching Leaders to help provide schools in remote areas of the world.

October 2015: Gail Mooney - Art Historian and Benenden Senior
Mrs Mooney, who was commended for her contribution to art in Spain, talked about the works of Goya, Velazquez and more and also recounted some memories from her time at Benenden.

September 2015: Brian Parritt - Services veteran
Brian Parritt served in the British Army for 36 years and held a variety of senior Intelligence and Security appointments all over the world. He gave a fascinating and personal account of the Korean War

September 2015: Matt Parker - Stand-up Comic and Maths Communicator
Matt spoke to Fourths and Fifths on the world of 4 shapes and lectured in the evening to Upper Fifths and Six Formers on Adventures in the Fourth Dimension.

September 2015: Dr Belinda Wilkes - Senior Astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical
Dr Wilkes , who is the first female director of a NASA Great Observatory, talked in depth about what is happening in the universe around us.