I love the relaxed atmosphere, the room, the freedom.

Above: The Elms House Team

Elms House was added to the original Founders complex in 1997 and is paired with its neighbouring boarding House, Beeches.

Elms' students enjoy single study-bedroom accommodation; in addition there is a kitchen for each floor of about ten students.  There are two large lecture/common rooms, group rooms and computer rooms within the complex and always lots going on.

The Housemaster for Elms is Simon Bennie, who joined the HM team in September 2011 having held a similar role at Dulwich College.  A member of the Vintage Sports Car Club, he enjoys trialling muddy vintage cars. He also has a keen interest in amateur dramatics, music, tennis and squash.  Mr Bennie also teaches English.

Mr Bennie is supported by Deputy HM, Miss Jess Granatt, a member of the English Department and Head of Lower Fifths. 

Our wise and wonderful Day Matron, whom we share with Elms, is Mrs Carol Battson, and the Resident Matron is Miss Jodi Hutchins. We are also blessed with a superb domestic team.