I love the relaxed atmosphere, the room, the freedom.

Above: The Beeches House Team

Beeches is the original Founders House, built for Six Twos, in 1983. 

Alfred Nicol is the Housemaster of the newly refurbished Beeches.  He joined Benenden in 2008 as Head of Religious Studies and is now jointly responsible for the timetable and governor of The John Wallis Academy. His wife Mellony, a law graduate, Assistant in the Library and teacher of Law Extension, along with their nine year old daughter Roseanne, work together in Beeches to build a caring and productive community for all the girls as they complete their A Levels and prepare for university.  Alfred and Mellony both come from Kent and studied in Canterbury and Cardiff respectively.

The Deputy Housemistress is Dr Ann Befroy, Head of  Modern Languages. Our wise and wonderful Day Matron, whom we share with Elms, is Mrs Carol Battson, and the Resident Matron is Miss Katrina Brown. We are also blessed with a superb domestic team.