I think I’ve settled in really quickly. I love my dorm, which I share with my new friends.

Above: The Marshall House Team

Marshall is situated alongside Medway at the easterly end of Lime Avenue, thus enabling girls to 'come home' at the end of the day, enjoying a physical and metaphorical separation from the world of classrooms and teaching.

Marshall's Housemistress is Laura Bursey Faulkner who joins Benenden in September 2017. Laura is married and has a son Archie who attends Dulwich Preparatory School in Cranbrook. Mrs Bursey Faulkner teaches music and enjoys time with her two Jackapoos puppies Basil and Sybil. Prior to joining Benenden she was a Housemistress at Cheltenham Ladies’ College for four years, having made the career move into full time education after enjoying many years as a professional singer.

She is supported in House by her Deputy Housemistress, Miss Cat Gaunt, who also joins the team at Marshall in September 2017. Miss Gaunt is a member of the PE department and Head of Lacrosse. She has been part of the Benenden community for five years and lives on site with her dog Monty, a Hungarian Vizla.

The Hm and DHm team are complemented by the Matrons, Miss Ann Bishop, is Resident Matron; Mrs Hazel Rea, Day Matron and Mrs Elizabeth Deverell, the Evening Matron. Mrs Carol Flanaghan is Saturday Assistant.