Our Curriculum

Benenden's ethos is strongly committed to the development of the whole person: we do not see the learning that happens within the classroom as separate to that which happens beyond it. The lessons, the clubs and activities, the weekend programme and the collaborative skills that are nurtured by being in a boarding environment will all help you to grow and develop.

In the Lower School you cover a broad range of subjects to give you a good grounding in essential skills and subject knowledge.

The Benenden Diploma Level 1, is our bespoke curriculum for the Fourth and Upper Fourth. This is a two-year curriculum, unique to Benenden, and is designed to capture the sense of awe and wonder that students of this age still have about discovering new knowledge and skills.

When it comes to choosing which subjects to study for both GCSE and A Level it can be tough. Find out how we help you with these difficult decisions.