School Partnerships

School partnerships

Published in the Times Letters Section, March 2016

Despite his somewhat combative tone, I agree with the central argument presented by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted: that independent schools have a moral obligation to support their counterparts in the maintained sector.

Most independent schools I know of are enthusiastically engaging with state schools. It is right that they should forge such partnerships and, where resource allows, contribute to the sponsorship of an academy.

These partnerships provide invaluable two-way support and an opportunity to share excellent practice across the sectors.Samanthat Price, Benenden School Headmistress

Independent schools have a vital role to play in modern society, and a large part of that role is to engage with the community and to help others. I would hope that most independent schools don’t need Sir Michael, or anyone else, to tell them that.

Samantha Price
Headmistress, Benenden School