The Wellbeing Programme

The aim of the Wellbeing Programme is to help pupils to find balance and fulfillment in their busy lives. Wellbeing is about much more than happiness, that state we often recognise in retrospect rather than in real time. It is about understanding how our bodies and minds work and then learning to look after them through the challenging times of life.

It is easy for adults to fall into the trap of remembering growing up is an idyllic, carefree time and forgetting the pressure that being young can bring. In a modern society, the pressures of teenage life are far greater than they have been for previous generations and the Benenden Wellbeing Programme is designed to equip students to deal with whatever life throws at them, whenever that may be.

In a risk-averse society, we actively promote going beyond our natural resources, stepping outside the comfort zone and learning what happens when students have to fall back on their own resources. Sometimes they will get things right and sometimes they will get things wrong. Understanding how their minds and bodies work, helps students to understand their limitations and know how to respond when they are required to look deep inside themselves and find just a little bit more: more energy, more self-control, more tolerance, more common sense, more compassion, more concentration, more resilience, more ways to deal with life in all its glorious complexities.

Delivering the Programme

The Wellbeing Programme is delivered through PSHE/Wellbeing and PE lessons with accompanying lectures, through discussions in Form Order and advice given in House Order, through individual interactions across and within year groups, through talks in Prayers and discussions in tutorials, through advice given by teachers, tutors, medical staff, House staff, prefects, Big Sisters and other pupils. In short, thinking about wellbeing is part of everyday life at Benenden.

So what does it contain?

Divided into several categories, the programme allows students of all ages to explore and understand their own

  • Physical health and Wellbeing (including the balance between diet, exercise and sleep)
  • Psychological and Emotional health (including managing stress and knowing when to seek help and how to be resilient)

It affords students the opportunity to acquire:

  • Study skills and time management
  • Personal and social skills
  • Global awareness and Life outside Benenden

It promotes self-exploration to find:

  • Their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • How they individually and collectively can contribute to society
  • How to be a leader and a follower
  • How to care for others