The Weekend Programme

The weekend programme is so brilliant. My friends at other schools don’t have anything like it.

A boarding school needs an active and attractive Weekend Programme and here at Benenden there's always something exciting happening. The Weekend Programme at Benenden has developed over the past few years into an unrivalled schedule of socials, outings, creative and cultural activities, and great fun!

The School ethos of allowing girls to develop their interests and abilities in every possible way is underlined in the rich variety of activities on offer. Students are able to try new activities, visit fascinating places they otherwise may not see, and widen their cultural and social horizons, while having a great time with their friends.

See the photo gallery showing some of our Weekend Programme activities:

A growing number of activities are undertaken with boys' schools, including the very popular socials, dinners and discos. Here is just a selection of things that Benenden girls get up to at weekends:

Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Theatre Trips, Jewellery Making, Windsurfing, Socials with Boys' Schools, Overnight Camps, Archery, Discos, Team Building and Outward Bound Pursuits, Shopping, Rock Climbing, Dinghy Sailing, Chocolate Fountain Parties, Dinners, Swimming, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Volleyball, Hampton Court Visit, Picnics, Rounders, Drama, Tennis, Tate Modern Trip, Bond-theme Dinner, Cookery, Cinema Trips, Ice Skating, Card Making, Dry Skiing, Trampolining, Museum Visits, Circus Skills Workshop, Abseiling, T-Shirt Painting, and many more...

Taking part in the Weekend Programme does not cost extra, and activities do not appear on the School Bill. All travel to and from venues is arranged by the Weekend Programme Co-ordinator.