A Beginner's Guide to Founders

You will hear it over and over again that you don’t understand Founders until you are part of it. It won’t matter how much we tell you about it, you need to be here!

Don’t start worrying about which House you want to go into. You’ll settle into any of the four. The excitement is in making other friends and welcoming those new to the Sixth Form. Everyone is amazed how friendship circles expand by the end of Six Two.

The freedom down here is considerable. As long as you are in your room and quiet, you can choose your own bedtime. There is no official prep time in the evenings. Kitchens are always open! You choose your own sports: aerobics, windsurfing, dance, volleyball, golf and many more besides the official team sports. You also tend to spend a bit more time outside school, whether at weekends or on study trips. The next step after school needs serious consideration and you are given a great deal of help in choosing a course and a university, art school or whatever suits you. Careers talks, exhibitions, interview practice, University open days, your own research, all contribute to making an informed decision.

The aim in Founders is to widen your horizons and there are an enormous number of extra-curricular activities: Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme; numerous societies ranging from Scottish Dancing to Classics & Medical Ethics. There’s a Readers’ Circle, Model Parliament, Friends of Medecins sans Frontieres, Wine Tasting, Debating, and different Language/Country societies. Or why not start your own! The current Founders are as enterprising as ever and are enthusiastically supported by their Hms.

There is a separate Weekend Programme in Founders aimed at personal development in an enjoyable way. We go on theatre, opera and ballet trips, visit museums and enjoy socials with boys’ schools.

Outside speakers give lectures several times a term on a broad range of topics from serious ethical problems to Gap Year advice to tales of personal achievement, we've even had the youngest person to climb Everest visit! Special interest groups are invited to Seminar Suppers where they dine with a speaker and have a chance to question him or her in a social setting; recent ones have been on Psychology, Engineering and the City.

But if you ask anyone what Founders really means, the general consensus is: food, friends, and a lot of hard work!