GCSE Making Choices

GCSE: The Academic Programme in the Fifth and Upper Fifth Forms

In the Fifth Form (V/Year 10) the students are able to specialise in their studies for the first time. The girls can enjoy studying a broad range of compulsory subjects which will give them a strong base of general knowledge and skills, and allow access to many routes into Higher Education or employment, as well as providing them with essential skills for life. In addition, they will have the pleasure of studying three or four they have specifically chosen because they enjoy them and are good at them. 

Nationally, the Fifth and Upper Fifth years are called “Key Stage Four” and at the end of this, Benenden girls can expect to have gained on average ten or eleven GCSEs and a huge range of extra experiences and aptitudes.

Changes to how GCSEs are graded 

In September 2014 Ofqual announced changes to the way GCSEs will be graded. The exams will be graded from 9 to 1 with 9 being the top grade. For more information visit the gov.uk website or watch the video below.