“Be strong and of good courage: the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1.9

Benenden has an Anglican tradition and the key Christian principle of loving our neighbour is at the heart of our shared life. Whilst maintaining its Christian roots, the Chaplaincy is fully inclusive and welcoming of people from all faiths and none. We actively encourage an open, honest and friendly dialogue, where all views are respected in a spirit of generous hospitality and mutual learning. 

First and foremost, the Chaplaincy offers a ministry of presence. The Chaplain and his team seek to be alongside students and staff, to celebrate with them in times of joy and to comfort and uphold them in times of difficulty. 

The Chaplaincy also helps to remind us that we are human beings, not human doings and that our value is not bound up with our academic successes or struggles, but that we are precious simply because we exist. It is also important to simply be; the world is a busy place and taking time out to nurture the soul is really important.

In addition, the Chaplaincy acts as a kind of moral compass for the School, reminding us that in order to live in community, both at Benenden and in the wider world, we have to be mindful of one another and seek to serve each other’s needs. The School has a wonderful outreach programme with organisations in the community around about us and students put great effort into raising money for charity each year. 

Put simply, the Chaplaincy aims to show to the community, in a very tangible way, the promise made to us in our traditional beginning of term reading from the Book of Joshua: that the Lord our God is with us, wherever we go.