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20th February 2017

Flora Williams-EllisIn September Flora Williams-Ellis joined the Sixth Form here at Benenden. Below she talks about how easily she settled into life at a boarding school:

"Looking back now, I shouldn’t have been at all worried about starting a new school. In the summer, my ‘house mother’ Rosie had messaged me and we arranged to meet up and have some coffee with a few of the girls I now share a corridor with. We got on well and I left feeling confident that I had already begun making friends, and they had assured me that everyone else was just as fun and friendly. Coming from a London day school, I had never boarded before and the notion of sleeping at school was very new to me, but choosing to board has proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

Although almost all aspects of starting Benenden were completely new to me, including one of the subjects I was going to take up, I still felt at ease when I arrived. Every girl was welcoming and eager to find out more about me, and it was easy to feel at home straight away - I never really felt like the ‘new girl’. Even now it surprises me that not once have I been homesick, simply because of the friendliness of everyone I’ve met, from people who I only share one class with, to people I see very often, but especially the friends I’ve made in our wonderful Oaks layer."