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9th December 2016

On Monday we held the ninth annual instalment of our popular and very successful Model United Nations conference.

This year at BMUN IX we hosted a record 28 schools and had more than 400 students and visiting staff. This is quite an undertaking given Benenden is able to hold the conference effectively on an otherwise ‘normal’ day – credit to the School for accommodating this huge increase to the population for the day.

We had all the usual types of committee, renamed this year to be more in line with committees from the real UN, which focused on current real-life human rights, political, and economic issues. In the spirit of innovation we also introduced a few new ventures: including a Wizarding World committee based on an imagined scenario arising from the ever-popular series by JK Rowling.

Reports suggest committees went really well and the Closing Ceremony saw awards going to a lot of very deserving delegates and delegations. An exemplary display of debating skills, diplomacy, articulacy was on show.

Benenden MUN IX
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The BMUN Council
BMUN in the Hall
BMUN Cuba Table
BMUN Committees debating
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