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27th April 2016

Sixth Form girls got an insight into the workings of the brain as part of an exciting neuroscience event at the School.

On Friday (22 April) Dr Guy Sutton, a Consultant Neuroscientist and Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School, visited the School as part of a Benenden Brain Day. In an interesting and varied programme he talked to the girls about all aspects of the brain.

It began with a session for Psychology students looking at the anatomy of the brain and its psychological function. This included how much brain we can lose and still function as well as smell, the brain and memory. It was then rounded off in a more practical fashion with a dissection of a sheep brain.

Basic brain anatomy was also covered, focusing on nerve cells and drugs, methods for exploring the brain, brain scanning and brain stimulation. It included a look at brain surgery and a video showing an operation on a patient with from a brain tumour.

An interactive IT session followed before it was the turn of the Biology students to view the dissection of a sheep brain. They also discussed brain anatomy and genes and impairments of the growth and development of the brain. The Psychology students enjoyed a practical session looking at neurones and neurotransmission and through the central nervous system.

Dr Sutton rounded off the afternoon by considering whether there is such a thing as a criminal brain as well as looking at other examples of the altered brain such as the effects of Dementia and Alzheimers.

Dr Sutton then stayed on in the evening to give a lecture on Mind and Brain in the 21st Century covering what is current in brain research and what is on the horizon to help aid understanding of the healthy and damaged brain, before fielding questions from interested students and guests.

Christian Brady, a Biology Teacher who organised the Brain Day, said: “It was an absolutely fascinating day and a great way to bring the subject to life for the Sixth Form Psychology and Biology students. Dr Sutton’s sessions were interactive and provoked lots of questions from the girls which is a sure sign they were engaged!”

Photos from the Benenden Brain Day
A model of a brain on Brain Day Dr Sutton talking on Brain Day
Sheep dissection on Brain Day Dr Sutton talking on Brain Day
Dr Sutton showing a dissected brain Dr Sutton talking on Brain Day