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7th October 2015

Maths teacher-turned stand-up comic and maths communicator, Matt Parker came to Benenden in September. Matt who is possibly the only person to hold the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer, while simultaneously having a sold-out comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, spoke in the afternoon to the Fourths and Fifths regaling them with the world of 4D shapes.

Matt, who has appeared on Radio 4 and is the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, lectured in the evening to the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form Mathematicians about "Adventures in the Fourth Dimension" A mind-bending talk that started in 2D and leads to the world of 4D shapes. His natural engagement with the audience allowed the students to chat freely with Matt after the lecture and find out more about the coming world of 4D.

Maths was further investigated when 12 UV and VI1 went to Tonbridge School to hear Professor Imre Leader from Trinity College, Cambridge enlighten them on the mathematics of running on the forbidden quad lawn in Cambridge.  As Zara Hussain and Mariesa Teo said:

'Sounds easy, right? However, how many porters would it take to catch a single student on this lawn without stepping on it themselves? Well, as we discovered yesterday, for a square lawn, the answer is 4, and for a circular one, no number of porters (even an infinite number) would ever catch the student but, at the same time, an infinite number of porters would also always catch the student. Of course, this is assuming that the porters and student have equal speeds and take up no space.'

Maths is fun. It certainly is.