Lower School Scholarships

At Benenden, Scholarships are given to recognise talent. Awards of up to 10% of fees are made and the percentage of an award is related to the degree of talent. Any Scholarship may be supplemented by a further bursary award, subject to means testing.

Closing date for Lower School Scholarship applications for September 2018 is 1 December 2017.

Candidates wishing to be considered for a place, even if a Scholarship is not awarded, must be registered for the School in the usual way; others need only enter for the Scholarship examination. 

For any enquiries please contact:

The Registry
Benenden School, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 4AA
Telephone: 01580 240592
E-mail: registry@benenden.kent.sch.uk 

  • Scholarship Entry at 11+, 12+ and 13+

    The level of examination (for candidates normally under the age of 14 on 1 September following the examination) will be determined not by the date of birth but the intended form of entry (Fourth Form 11+, Upper Fourth Form 12+, Lower Fifth Form 13+). The following Lower School awards will typically be available:

    At 11+ (Fourth Form) Entry and 12+ (Upper Fourth Form) Entry

    Academic and Music* awards

    At 13+ (Lower Fifth Form) Entry

    Academic, Music*, Art & Design, Sports, Drama and Design & Technology awards

    In addition, there is a further restricted 13+ award:

    • The Scottish Scholarship

    (For a student currently attending a school in Scotland)

    *The award of a Music Scholarship includes two periods a week of free instrumental or vocal tuition. 

  • Academic Scholarships for September 2017 Entrants

    Academic Scholarship examinations will take place at Benenden School on Friday 27 January and Saturday 28 January 2017.

    Examination papers will be set by Benenden School for 11+, 12+ and 13+ Scholarship candidates in the following subjects:

    11+ (Fourth Form Entry) English, Mathematics and General
    12+ (Upper Fourth Form Entry) English, Mathematics and General
    13+ (Lower Fifth Form Entry) English, Mathematics, French, Science and General.
    In addition, candidates may offer one or two of: History, Geography, Latin, Greek (only if Latin is also chosen) 

    For 11+ and 12+ Academic Scholarship candidates, the examinations will take place on Friday 27 January 2017 only. For 13+ Academic Scholarship candidates, the examinations will take place on both Friday 27 January and Saturday 28 January 2017. Candidates will therefore be expected to stay overnight.

  • Music Scholarships for September 2017 Entrants

    Music Scholarship auditions will take place at Benenden School on Wednesday 25 January 2017. We will be looking for musical potential and qualities of self-motivation as well as high achievement.

    Applicants will normally have reached Grade 4/5 level for 11+ and Grade 6 level for 13+. A pre-audition with the Director of Music is advised, to determine whether an application is appropriate for the candidate, and also to help her feel familiar with the department before she comes for the Scholarship audition.

    On the day of the audition, candidates will be given time to practise both individually and with the School accompanist. The audition itself will comprise of an interview, aural tests and the performing of three pieces, preferably two contrasting items on the main instrument and one piece on any other instrument. Rather than traditional sight-reading, each candidate will prepare a 'quick study' during their practice time which they then perform at the audition.

    In addition, candidates will also be required to show that they have reached the general academic standards of any entrant either by sitting Common Entrance, Benenden's own entrance examinations, or by taking the Academic Scholarship examinations.

    A Music Scholar will be expected to maintain high standards of musical excellence and to be an ambassador for music within the School through personal practice and enthusiastic participation. She would also be expected to include Music as an academic option at GCSE.

  • Scholarships at 13+ in Art & Design, Design & Technology, Sports and Drama

    Assessments and interviews will take place at Benenden School on Tuesday 24 January, Wednesday 25 January and Thursday 26 January 2017. Benenden offers Scholarships to girls who show exceptional promise and commitment in any one of these areas, supported by good academic results in the normal entry papers.

    Applicants will be asked to produce evidence of three kinds: a record or portfolio of previous work or achievements; a response to a challenge set at Benenden; and/or an interview.

    Successful applicants will be given additional opportunities to explore their talents and extend their skills and will be expected to offer an example and to be an inspiration to others.

    Examples of challenges which may be set:

    Drama: (Tuesday 24 January 2017)

    Candidates will be expected to perform one monologue and they may make use of a necessary prop. Candidates will sit a short written paper, answering two questions. There will also be an interview with the Director of Drama, a sight reading test and a short unprepared group acting piece. 

    Art & Design: (Wednesday 25 January 2017)

    • An electronic portfolio of work for inspection.  Content is not prescribed but should enable us to ascertain standards of work, capability in independent study and enthusiasm for the subject.  The portfolio should be supplied as a PowerPoint or Jpeg images on a CD-ROM, or a memory stick.  Each image should be labelled with date of completion, media and size.
    • A set piece of work to be undertaken on the day of the interview/assessment, but to be prepared in advance (without assistance)
    • A brief report from the applicant's Art teacher
    • Following work on the set piece, short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the Head of Art and should bring with them some items from their portfolio.

    Design & Technology: (Wednesday 25 January 2017)

    Candidates will be asked to identify and research the main purposes of packaging and to design and make a suitable container for a given object. They will use non-specialist materials and processes such as paper, pencils, card, scissors, glue. Research might be prepared at home or in their school but the task of designing and making would be executed at Benenden.

    Sports: (Thursday 26 January 2017)

    • A test to measure levels of fitness.
    • A range of games to show physical ability and tactical awareness.
    • An opportunity to demonstrate the candidate's chosen specialism.
  • Terms and Conditions for all Scholarships

    All examinations, practical tests and interviews take place at Benenden School (except those funded by the Benenden School Hong Kong Trust).

    The value of Scholarships will be expressed as a percentage of fees and therefore will rise proportionally if fees increase. Since circumstances vary and the total sum available for Scholarships is limited, applicants will be asked to state the minimum offer which they will be able to accept. The School may award Honorary Scholarships. Music Scholars also receive two free instrumental lessons each week for the principal instrument.

    It is a condition of accepting a Scholarship that a Scholar will, throughout her School career, pursue courses of study approved by the Headmistress, and will make a commitment to remain at Benenden until she has taken her Advanced Level examinations. In particular should an Upper School Scholar (awarded internally at the end of the Fifth Form) fail to do so the award will be forfeited immediately and become repayable retrospectively in full. Each Scholarship will be tenable throughout the Holder's time at Benenden, subject only to an annual review of her industry and good conduct. A Scholarship may be surrendered or withdrawn at any time if a Scholar ceases to be keen to invest time or energy in the area concerned. All Scholarships are subject to annual review and general good conduct.