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Benenden School is committed to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and all staff are tasked with sharing this responsibility. The School has therefore adopted recruitment and selection procedures which help to deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children or are otherwise unsuited to work with them. 

The document below outlines the safer recruitment process which must be adhered to in the appointment of any new member of staff. The process seeks to strengthen the safeguards which protect the pupils of the School by considering the safeguarding and promotion of welfare at all stages of the appointment process. It starts with the planning of recruitment and requires a consistent and thorough process of obtaining, collating, analysing and evaluating information from and about applicants.

The measures described above do not end on appointment but are part of a continuing process of awareness of the safeguarding and promotion of welfare throughout the School. All members of staff are briefed regularly on the Schools Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy and they should report all concerns at any time to the School's Child Protection Officers. 

Application and Recruitment Process

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 Safeguarding Policy

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