Benenden has got everything. It compares with the top boys’ schools, which girls’ schools generally don’t.

School fees for the 2015-2016 school year at Benenden are £11,485 per term. They are reviewed for each academic year and announcements are normally made in June.

The School Fees Safeguard Plan

As an alternative method to the traditional payment of fees, Benenden offers The School Fees Safeguard Plan. This enables parents (or others) to make a safeguarded lump sum payment up front, which is credited against future years' school fees at a favourable rate.

The School Fees Safeguard Plan provides an opportunity to pay fees in advance to help mitigate the effects of life's uncertainties. Lump sum payments may be made in advance by parents, grandparents, guardians, or any other person willing to help support and safeguard a particular girl's education.

Payments can be made at any time either for current students or for girls due to join the School in the near future. Lump sums of any reasonable amount can be paid for any number of termly instalments (minimum of three terms).

This method of payment does not alter Benenden's usual Admissions procedure, and does not guarantee a place at the School. Should the student not qualify to come to the School for any reason, the lump sum will be refunded to the person who paid it (plus simple interest at the rate notified when the contract was signed, net of tax). Alternatively, the full value of the agreed termly instalments under the Plan can be transferred to another school, provided it has charitable status, for the named girl or a sibling.

The School's usual policy will be to place the lump sums received under the School Fees Safeguard Plan on deposit in a segregated account or to use some of the monies to purchase certain investments. The sums in that account (together with those investments) will be protected by a Charge, incorporating a Trust arrangement. In doing this, we have sought to provide protection for parents in the (unlikely) event of the School's future insolvency

The financial benefits of paying into Benenden's School Fees Safeguard Plan arise because we are able to offer a favourable future rate of discount. Anyone considering making a lump sum payment into the Plan should discuss the potential benefits with their own tax advisor. Benenden is not authorised to advise on this.

Anyone interested in making a lump sum payment will be given an individual quotation, tailored to their own personal circumstances, by the School. The School will normally suggest a measure of future fee inflation, but the Plan does not guarantee to cover all future fees, and the School cannot be held responsible for future increases in fees which vary from the agreed termly amounts.

For further details on the Advance Payment of Fees Scheme operated by Benenden School, please contact the Accounts Office at Benenden School.

To download the Fees Safeguard Plan Form (PDF, 152 KB), click on the link.

The Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust was set up following the investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into the sharing of fee information by fifty independent schools. Please click on link to visit the website.  

Benenden has got everything. It compares with the top boys’ schools, which girls’ schools generally don’t.